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Woohoo! So glad you've taken me up on my offer to significantly up your Facebook Ad game!
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Emails That Have Brought In Over $100K in Revenue
What is a Facebook Ad without an awesome authomated email marketing funnel to send your prospects through? When you are aiming for ROI you must get your prospects through that know-trust-like-BUY cycle. My email templates provide you with exactly what you need to convert a LEAD into a CLIENT.
So Easy To Implement: Just Copy & Paste
I know how frustrating and time consuming coming up with what to say in your email sequence can be. I've made it so easy-peasy with these WORD DOC so that you can straight up copy and paste my work and turn it into your own. 
My Goal Is To Make An Impact - No Fluff Or Catch Here
I remember pulling all nighters or pulling my hair out over "what the HECK can I say in these emails that makes people like me and want to become my clients?!" I put my head down, I studied people I wanted to be like, and I took them up on their offers to help me. NOW I'M in a position to give back. I'M in a position to train YOU, teach YOU, help YOU reach that multi-6 or 7-figure business you know is meant to be yours. If I can accelerate this process for you like someone did for me, I'm HAPPY to. We are in this together!
Oh HEY! I'm Nickey.
Welcome to the world of being AWESOME and ROCKING your online business!
I work with online service based businesses to create strategies and implement systems that allow you to move from that start (ie. struggle) point into the SUSTAIN then SCALE zone quicker than you ever thought possible.

When I first ventured into the world of training and coaching I noticed there was a serious lack of HOW TO. There was no shortage of people ready to tell me my mindset was in the wrong place and how I simply needed to meditate and journal in order for thousands of dollars to fall into my lap..... (YA OK.) 

But there WAS a shortage of people who could step up and tell me: DO THIS, IMPLEMENT THIS, TAKE ACTION LIKE THIS. No one wanted to give me their REAL insider scoop of the real marketing STRATEGIES that got them from rags to riches. 

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and figure this sh*t out for myself. And after many sleepless nights, a ton of investing time, money, energy, and endless testing... I'VE GOT THIS ON LOCK. 

I have NO interest in keeping it to myself. I'm ready to share this FAR AND WIDE. Because if my struggles can save just one person one ounce of their sanity... that makes it all worth it. 
Want to cut right to the chase and figure out how to learn what I know? 
" Nicole not only helped me pull the answers out but she gave me an actionable plan that didn’t make me feel helpless.
She’s a lifesaver and is worth her weight in gold! "

Business Consultant, Education Industry 
Want to learn 5 Simple Steps to Scaling Your Online Business to 6-Figures and Beyond?
How to attract high paying clients and get more people talking about you while multiplying your revenue quicker than ever before.
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